A short description of SFA

Quote from my e-book 'Solution Focused Mentoring':

It seems so obvious; aren’t all people who want to be of any help focused on solutions? Actually: you would be amazed! Focusing on the Problem(s) is something that pops into the helping conversation almost unconsciously.

The roots of Solution Focused 'Thinking' lie in Milwaukee USA, starting in 1978 where Steve de Shazer and Kim Insoo Berg worked closely together until Steve died in 2004. They were mentors for so many people working as therapists, counsellors, social workers, etc. Their revolutionary ideas spread all over the world in therapy, coaching, teaching as well as managing small and big businesses and organisations. In fact, every situation where there is a desire of changing something for the better is fruitful soil for the Solution Focused Approach.

The essence of the Solution Focused Approach is:

  • To talk about resources and not about limitations & shortcomings

  • To explore possible and preferred futures

  • To explore what is already helping towards achieving these futures

  • To have respectful conversations in which everyone is the expert in all aspects of his or her life, including the one who asks for guidance."