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Working out your problem

Using sustainable simple tools

Team Building - virtual connecting

Knowing HOW to find answers and discover solutions is engaging and super effective

Team Building - virtual connecting
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Personal - finding your answers - online

You'll experience HOW to work out your (any) challenge. Effective, mind opening and energising tools

Personal - finding your answers - online
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About Ella

Friendly, driven, cheerful and well skilled to help you within a short amount of time. In 60 / 90 minutes I'm able to 'show off' the value of my expertise :-) during the online events for teams and for you personally. I offer also tailor made consultancy for businesses plus individual contacts. The result will be a positive attitude regarding the way they/you are going to tackle the challenges: full of confidence!

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  • It brought me SPACE ...
    I am more conscious how I use my evenings. I am more careful in use of language.

    Keiko Yoneyama-Sims, Denver, USA Masterclass: 'Tackle your challenge' - online
  • Thank you Ella de Jong for this awesome experience!

    Anonymus, Europe Tackle Your Challenge Simple! - Online live Masterclass for Men
  • An absolutely enormously heartfelt thank you to for a powerful & actually transformative master class workshop just now .

    Wow! I truly feel that it was as strong as a milestone in my life. I’ll be keeping it all in my journal for my autobiography . I know this experience will sit with me for a long time

    Giuliana Wheater Fenwick, UK Tackle Your Challenge, Simple! - Online Masterclass for Women
  • I could feel exuberance energy to move forward to hug my plans! It was good scripted, fun as well as productive! It is more like 'hands on learning'!

    Anonymous, India Tackle Your Challenge, Simple! - Online Masterclass for Women
  • " It made me realise the amount of resource I have to tackle my challenge.
    What positive difference have you observed/noticed since the experience?
    "Have already implemented a couple of ideas"

    John Brooker, England Masterclass: 'Tackle your challenge' - online
  • It has brought me some good insight about action i have to take from moving forward the solution. It would be good for people who wants change life or sht in business, but with no strategy and focus.

    P. Lovato, Italy Tackle Your Challenge Simple! - Online live Masterclass for Men

These are some training courses

Short, simple and very effective

Team Building: Tackle Your Challenge! - online live

90 minutes online activities by Ella de Jong : it's innovating, fun and directly resulting in positive outcomes.

Masterclass: 'Tackle your challenge' - online

Your best one hour investment: effective with huge value. You'll work it out towards a unique practical solution to start with immediately

Workshop 'Tackle Your Challenge Creative!' - online

Experience how you can tackle a challenge while working out creativity exercises. Find your answers, your solutions with a smile. The tools you get are reusable for any challenge in the future.