Time spent with a genuine smile

is time well spent

Improving well-being :

how to give support

Team Training: Tackle Your Challenge!

Your team members learn how to be supportive.

Team Training: Tackle Your Challenge!
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Personal - Tackle Your Challenge - online live workshop

Discover your solid solutions in silence, with a smile

Personal - Tackle Your Challenge - online live workshop
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Communication is not only about words

“The most valuable communication skill: being silent with a smile"

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  • Quiet conection with myself, inner time

    Anonymus, Europe
  • " It made me realise the amount of resource I have to tackle my challenge.
    What positive difference have you observed/noticed since the experience?
    "Have already implemented a couple of ideas"

    John Brooker, England 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • It was really energizing

    Irma Baloi, Romania 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • Thank you Ella de Jong for this awesome experience!

    Anonymus, Europe
  • I have found it immensely helpful ... Greater awareness of what is currently working well for me.

    Darren Priest, Ireland 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • Thank you so much for this interesting and useful experience!

    Alexey Mikhalsky, Russia 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop

Here are some training courses

Could it be more valuable?

'Tackle your challenge' - workshop

Your best one hour time investment: using highly effective tools on the spot. Reusable tools creating strong independency.

Teams: Tackle Your Challenge! - live online training

Help your team in a short amount of memorable, cheerful time. Supportive communication tools keeps your team strong at all times.

Family & Friends - 'Tackle Your Challenge! - Create Meaningful Memories

A great time together. Making memories full of serous cheerfulness Discover how you can help each other 'forever'