Time spent with a genuine smile

is time well spent

Supportive communication tools

for yourself - for your team

Non-profit: Tackle Your Challenge - Team Training

Communication tools helping your passionate teams become great supportive teams.

Non-profit: Tackle Your Challenge - Team Training
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Personal - Tackle Your Challenge - online live workshop

Discover your solid solutions in silence, with a smile

Personal - Tackle Your Challenge - online live workshop
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Inspiration by Ella

How do you stop people leaving or at sick leave in your company?

Attention does the trick. Asking with genuine interest what they would want to change. What positive difference would that make for them?

Be aware! This is a seldom asked question, so your personnel has to think hard. Give them enough time.

Even the "most difficult cases" want things to change for the better. Even the "best employee" wants to be seen and heard.

A minimum of time will result in a maximum of outcome: a better functioning team.

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  • It has brought me some good insight about action i have to take from moving forward the solution. It would be good for people who wants change life or sht in business, but with no strategy and focus.

    P. Lovato, Italy
  • I could feel exuberance energy to move forward to hug my plans! It was good scripted, fun as well as productive! It is more like 'hands on learning'!

    Anonymous, India
  • Thank you so much for this interesting and useful experience!

    Alexey Mikhalsky, Russia 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • " It made me realise the amount of resource I have to tackle my challenge.
    What positive difference have you observed/noticed since the experience?
    "Have already implemented a couple of ideas"

    John Brooker, England 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • New perspectives on a challenge with lightness and calm.

    C. Perfetto, Italy
  • It was a fast-paced discovery. It was insightful!
    I’ve seen it in many different ways, it’s misunderstood. Not by you!

    Anonymus, Europe

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'Tackle your challenge' - workshop

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Non-profit Teams: Tackle Your Challenge! - live online training

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