Time spent with a genuine smile

is time well spent

Supportive communication tools

for yourself - for your team

Non-profit: Tackle Your Challenge - Team Training

Communication tools helping your passionate teams become great supportive teams.

Non-profit: Tackle Your Challenge - Team Training
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Personal - Tackle Your Challenge - online live workshop

Discover your solid solutions in silence, with a smile

Personal - Tackle Your Challenge - online live workshop
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Free webinar

Over 600 registrations from all over the world! There were 142 attendees experienced it live. Thank you David :-)

“This was fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this. I was enjoying reviewing my notes this morning. :-)”

I've been invited by David Prescott to demonstrate my 'Tackle Your Challenge!'. I'm honoured to have hosted one of the free online webinars in the 'Helping others in trying times webinar series' provided by Safer Society Foundation.

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  • Ella gave me the space to work through challenges I was facing in the pandemic lockdown. Her facilitation was calming and relaxing, the tools and techniques were simple yet effective, and I found the session energising and useful. Highly recommended.

    Andrew Gibson, England 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • An absolutely enormously heartfelt thank you to for a powerful & actually transformative master class workshop just now .

    Wow! I truly feel that it was as strong as a milestone in my life. I’ll be keeping it all in my journal for my autobiography . I know this experience will sit with me for a long time

    Giuliana Wheater Fenwick, UK
  • It brought me SPACE ...
    I am more conscious how I use my evenings. I am more careful in use of language.

    Keiko Yoneyama-Sims, Denver, USA 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • Thank you so much for this interesting and useful experience!

    Alexey Mikhalsky, Russia 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • I have found it immensely helpful ... Greater awareness of what is currently working well for me.

    Darren Priest, Ireland 'Tackle your challenge' - workshop
  • It was a fast-paced discovery. It was insightful!
    I’ve seen it in many different ways, it’s misunderstood. Not by you!

    Anonymus, Europe

Here are some training courses

Short, simple and very effective

Family & Friends - 'Tackle Your Challenge! - Create Meaningful Memories

A great time together. Making memories full of serous cheerfulness Discover how you can help each other 'forever'

'Tackle your challenge' - workshop

Your best one hour time investment: using highly effective tools on the spot. Reusable tools creating strong independency.

Non-profit Teams: Tackle Your Challenge! - live online training

Help your passionate team in a short amount of memorable, cheerful time. Supportive communication tools keeps your team strong at all times.