Recorded Interview for the World ITBC 2023

The interview (March 2023) is about: How can we help each other?

We can all be supportive when people have various challenges to tackle. At (IT) work it is not only the work for the hr-departement or the CEO / leaders.

Recorded webinar July 21st 2022

A live demonstration of my self-activating solution-focused workshop 'Tackle Your Challenge!' with attendees from all over the world.

142 people have experienced it at the same time. I haven't seen or heard the attendees and I didn't see what was written in the chat. It was an almost silent session.

Feedback: "Thank you for a wonderful webinar! So helpful!!" - "Thank you so much! This is a great tool and exercise" - "Thanks so much for this superb seminar!" - "Thank you for your creative ideas! I will definitely utilize your methods."

Feedback by David Prescott: "That was FANTASTIC, Ella!
I must say… your voice and presence are perfectly suited to the task. It couldn’t have gone better."

Please let me know what you've experienced / how you want to use it in your work or at home.

Please take a minute and leave a review on Google using THIS LINK. as a thank you and to make new ripple.

Thank you David Prescott for inviting me to do this for the Safer Society Foundation as a part of the 'Helping others in trying times webinar series'.


What has been:

On June 1st - 2023

"Ella de Jong—What if SF creativity leads to mind opening moments?

This workshop will show how ‘simple activities’ can create a connection with your client and bring new insights—even if you don’t think of yourself as ‘creative.’ "

Julia Mines is hosting every month the Solution Focused Watch Party (WP)

Solution Focused Self Help Tips - YouTube

Years ago in 2013 (in a stressful time for me) I've started putting 'Smile Strength minutes' on display using my YouTube channel. I have finally finished it September 2021

Podcast - in Dutch

I've been invited to be interviewed for 'The podcast for lazy helpers' (as in: therapists / caregivers / counsellors / aid workers / social workers etc. ). November 2021

Theme: Resources


Solution Focused Chat

I was invited to have a chat with Ayse Adil & Joseph Lettieri founders of 'Family Based Solutions' with co-hosts Jenny Clark and Raya Guhl on February 4th 2021

YouTube: FBS chat with Ella

Solution Focused Conversations

Honoured to be invited by Hans Pier Jara Iglesias for an online conversation on September 16th 2020 at 09:00 am (CET) uur with Centro Latino, Peru.

SF24/22 - Solution Focused Work & Creativity

SF24 Conference Building Hope, empowering change. : a 24-hour global conference held annually on the first Thursday and Friday of August.

Julia Mines hosting every month the Solution Focused Watch Parties (WP)

June 1st - 2023 the WP will cover my contribution: Solution Focused Work & Creativity

Watch Parties: 1x/month, first Thursday, are gathering tremendous energy, month after month.

Practitioners and the SF-curious gather to watch a clip of one presenter's talk from the SF24 global conference and engage in lively conversation, deep discussion, and connection to other practitioners. 11a.m. EST -- 5 p.m. CEST

It's free TICKETS SF Watch Party

SF24/20- online conference - Tackle Your Challenge!

A wonderful experience: being part of the SF24 Conference Building Hope, empowering change. I was scheduled at the 'Asia sessions' on August 7th 2020. You'll find the recording of 'Tackle your Challenge, Just Simple! on Youtube.

EBTA Conference

I've been asked about a Solution Focused metaphor by Marco Matera in Florence at the EBTA conference in September 2019.

Put online by Fondazione Franceschi Onlus to celebrate the Solution Focused World Day 2020 ( May 3rd)

PS What a beautiful venue it was!

'As you were wondering' ...

Future plans

Writing a new e-book 'How to be a supportive team member.' Hopefully it will be published by spring 2023

Wouldn't that be 'some chockin' good' news!

(Thank you Heather Fiske for giving me this chocolate bar as a token of appreciation after attending my workshop in Florence at the EBTA Conference!)

PS on my mission now: 'Tackle Your Challenge!' -- #global - #online - #simple - #care - #support - #solution - #smile - #lifechanging - #socialimpact

SF and sustainability

October, 5th 2021


using 'Tackle Your Challenge!'

Event by Dr. Sabrina Schmitz

A warm smile even in crazy and tough times brings in the most longed for light with love (Ella de Jong - Janu. 2022)


You and Me Smiling

Your solution focused smile

brings in a light


A light I happily use for answering

your solution focused questions


These questions make me discover

my strengths, all waiting in the dark


These strengths I forgot about

I will happily use them for my future


My smiling future

Imagine that!

(Ella de Jong © - June 2024)

Please respect my work when copying this solution focused poem by mentioning my name.