Solution Focused Self Help Tips - YouTube

Years ago in 2013 (in a stressful time for me) I've started putting 'Smile Strength minutes' on display using my YouTube channel. I have finally finished it September 2021

Podcast - in Dutch

I've been invited to be interviewed for 'The podcast for lazy helpers' (as in: therapists / caregivers / counsellors / aid workers / social workers etc. ). November 2021

Theme: Resources


Solution Focused Chat

I was invited to have a chat with Ayse Adil & Joseph Lettieri founders of 'Family Based Solutions' with co-hosts Jenny Clark and Raya Guhl on February 4th 2021

YouTube: FBS chat with Ella

Solution Focused Conversations

Honoured to be invited by Hans Pier Jara Iglesias for an online conversation on September 16th 2020 at 09:00 am (CET) uur with Centro Latino, Peru.

SF24 2020 - online conference

A wonderful experience: being part of the SF24 Conference Building Hope, empowering change. I was scheduled at the 'Asia sessions' on August 7th 2020. You'll find the recording of 'Tackle your Challenge, Just Simple! on Youtube.

EBTA Conference

I've been asked about a Solution Focused metaphor by Marco Matera in Florence at the EBTA conference in September 2019.

Put online by Fondazione Franceschi Onlus to celebrate the Solution Focused World Day 2020 ( May 3rd)

PS What a beautiful venue it was!

'As you were wondering' ...

Future plans

Dreaming of, visualising: creating a training course, putting it on an online training platform so more people are able to learn how to help others and themselves by using simple and wise Solution Focused communication.

Wouldn't that be 'some chockin' good' news!

(Thank you Heather Fiske for giving me this chocolate bar as a token of appreciation after attending my workshop in Florence at the EBTA Conference!)

SF and sustainability

October, 5th 2021


using 'Tackle Your Challenge!'

Event by Dr. Sabrina Schmitz