Mission and vision

I'm on a mission: creating positive social impact by spreading supportive communication tools. Reaching at least 100,000 people all over the world.

My vision: Simple, genuine solution focused communication enables every person to help others and his/her/their selves. We can have a positive influence on each others wellbeing in an uncomplicated way.

This is me, Ella: Being raised on a farm in the Netherlands with six (!) big brothers and two big sisters, I've learned from day one that 'humor and common sense' are the way you deal with difficulties.
My 'chapters in life' have been formed through struggles and challenges and made me who I am now: determined, joyful, creative and at the same time down to earth and caring. These characteristics have proven to be helpful.

Friendly, driven, cheerful and very well skilled to help you within a short amount of time. Since 2005 she has helped young children, teenagers, young adults, parents and many others in a short time and 'light' way.

The 'Tackle Your Challenge - Workshops' are a combination of Ella's passion for the Solution Focused Approach and her experience as a primary school teacher. Some feedback from the 'Tackle' experience: "Simple elegance" and "Life changing". Ella's work stands for meaningful experiences applicable to help yourself ánd others

The latest course I've learned from:

NICABM : Treating Trauma Master Series

Peter Levine, PhD, Pat Ogden, PhD  
Bessel van der Kolk, MD,
Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, Dan Siegel, MD   Pat Ogden, PhD, Allan Schore, PhD  

A chapter I wrote

One could describe me as a person who keeps on starting over and over again.

Eileen Doyon has kindly asked me to write a chapter in one of her books in 2017. I've named it 'Starting over': my solution focused mindset helped me cope with (almost traumatic) disappointments, lowering self esteem and losing sight of kindness and its strength. It made me stronger and more determined.

I love to write while in conversations I'd love to listen and be quiet.

My contribution in the book Code of Love

My contribution in this inspirational book shows what I believe in.



Help and smile with love (ENORM)


Board member of the Dutch Association of Solution Focused Professionals VOPN.

Member of the European Brief Therapy Association EBTA.

Member of the worldwide biggest Network Group: Business International Network BNI - Dutch chapter BNI Gouwe.

Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, KvK nr. 08131710.