You care about the mental well-being of your staff: the best a team can get! But you're short of time and of knowing HOW to help ...

Tackle your challenges, simple!

During these straining 'corona times' the well-being of your employees is under a huge amount of pressure. Personal contact with team managers / hr leaders would be perfect. Attending an online Team Building activity conducted by Ella de Jong is 'the next best thing'.

Tackle Your Challenge, simple! is a Masterclass / Workshop through which your team will learn and experience quick and simple tools to help themselves working out a challenge.

No need to share any information!

When reading the feedback you'll see it provides people with 'relieve' and 'new insights' next to other positive outcomes.

At the right side you'll see various dates of the Team Building activities. When hitting the Ticket button you'll see more information and the conditions for joining. The calendar gives you an oversight of all the activities by Ella de Jong.

Looking forward to meet your team!