Short, effective and guaranteed positive outcomes. Focussing on the mental well-being of your employees: the best a team can get!

The most valuable skills to learn

During these straining 'corona times' the well-being of your employees is under a huge amount of pressure. They want to be seen and be appreciated. Personal contact with team managers / hr leaders would be perfect. Attending an online training conducted by Ella de Jong is 'the next best thing'.

There are various possibilities to help your employees on the work floor:

Part 1: every employee learns within 60 minutes online how he/she can tackle a personal challenge. No one has to share their experiences! Result: energy, focus and friendliness at work (and at home).

Part 2: employees will have personal online time to learn and talk

Deel C: wise lessons - self care Q&A

Deel D: team managers and hr leaders learn how to support the staff and personnel when mental well-being at work needs attention.

Let's have a short and clear conversation about the best tailored option for your company - organisation - institution. Send me an email or a text: +31(0)6-16 424 060