90 minutes online activities by Ella de Jong : it's innovating, fun and directly resulting in positive outcomes.

Team Building: Tackle Your Challenge! - online

Give your team a chance to jointly discover HOW one can find solutions all by him/herself. The experience is engaging with long lasting mind tools to take home.

During this 90 minutes Team Building Event everyone experiences individually the valuable and surprising way of working towards a solution. Sustainable value and engaging fun at the same time.

Really great to see you here today on April 12th -- I have a special offer for your team because you are here, now. Where can I send it to?

At the top right side on this page and in calendar you'll see various dates of Team Building Events. Please contact me when you'd like to set an other date / time, when your group is over 10 people or when you just want something to ask :-)

Oh and let me tell you there is also a creative version of this high value Team Building event!

Is there any reason nót to invest in your team, your business asap?

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