Feedback regarding my workshop in Halifax, Canada: 

... so glad you show us the importance of non-verbal communication: Reactie - feedback Plamen 

... brilliant!

... well done!

Feedback regarding my training course 'Energizing Communication with Troubled Youth':

... enthusiastic, well prepared, open, cheerful, inspired trainer

... I am able to connect much better now with youth. Out of the box thinking and actually doing made me happy!

... I loved the fact that we had a lot of different assignments so we could practice a lot. The atmosphere in the group was very nice. I am able to communicate better now with my clients.  

... I feel more secure now

... I don't think it's ME who has to provide all the answers, anymore! It was very good to experience the creative assignments. You really FEEL how it works

Latest feedback (March '19) regarding my one day training course: " Connecting communication works! " 

"Connecting communication really works. Elle de Jong is a fine, warm professional woman who teaches you through various assignments how you can connect, really connect. Thank you for this!" 


Some feedback from (Skype) life coaching and mentoring sessions:

It is the human connection and the wisdom that helped more than anything. 

Ella is simply there with you with all her being and she stands beside 

you with a mind that is alive and curious. 

I could  talk about issues that I thought no one could handle or 

understand  without laborious explanation. After each session 

I naturally knew what needs to be done and I did it.  

I think that the support Ella offers is profound and helps us 

gets back to what we all seek in various ways and forms-unconditional 

regard and love.  


 ..and then you are persistent and keep on labelling positively, that's very nice!

You keep on asking and when it doen't work with a question, you just change it a little bit and asks again. Good! That's stimulating!
... you 'gave me back my words' a lot, you made me think about it all by myself. "What do you want to achieve?" instead of suggesting all kind of solutions.

So now I don't have fixed solutions but my brains are working, working ...


 ... you answered so quickly and in such a positive way. In our meeting I liked your enthusiasm and interest in my process. (....) I will make space to write down my 'WHY'. I have already used it a lot in many other situations ... 


Response after some 'Bookboon e-book 'guidance':

Hi Ella, I have to thank you very, very much (....) 

Knowing this, as you ask WHY, I will do it for the sake of writing an ebook! Not speculating with sales or money. Just writing because I like a subject for writing. And if it is real that 15.000 people download an ebook… that´s great! It´s a way for sharing information with so many people.


Some feedback after attending a workshop in Amsterdam, Hengelo, Orlando, Denver (USA) :

... my brains are buzzing again

... got new ideas to start right a way

... so many different assignments! Lovely to learn that way, absolutely your strong side!

... it's fun and very useful!

... a shift in my brain started ... 


Other feedback:

februari 2014: Workshop "Creative tools to make your buddy (your client) SMILE"
Orlando, Florida 
"I'm certainly going to find my smile inside!"

maart 2014: Workshop "Working Solution Focused with teenagers"
Enschede + Almelo, Overijssel "motivating, energetic, very nice and meaningful"

april 2014: Workshop "Solution Focused communication in schools"
Elst, Gelderland 
"got inspired by your enthusiasm"

april 2014: Workshop "The source of strength is in the smile."
Amersfoort, Gelderland 
I'm leaving with a strong smile and will use what I learned in your workshop, in my communication with my clients and ..  actually with everyone!"


My Dutch website about counseling children with social and emotional problems has a "Reaction" part with feedback of youngsters and parents of young children about the counselling sessions. It is all in Dutch.