Feedback coaching - workshops - training courses

Some feedback from (Skype) life coaching and mentoring sessions:

It is the human connection and the wisdom that helped more than anything.

Ella is simply there with you with all her being and she stands beside you with a mind that is alive and curious.

I could talk about issues that I thought no one could handle or understand without laborious explanation. After each session I naturally knew what needs to be done and I did it.

I think that the support Ella offers is profound and helps us gets back to what we all seek in various ways and forms-unconditional regard and love.


Some workshop feedback

... my brains are buzzing again

... got new ideas to start right a way

... so many different assignments! Lovely to learn that way, absolutely your strong side!

... it's fun and very useful!

... a shift in my brain started ...


More feedback


I love to give workshops at international Solution Focused Conferences. I've presented in Canada, America, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and in The Netherlands. Workshops full of creative self activating assignments, to be utilised the next day. Like the workshop from which the picture is taken: Florence, Italy, 2019. At the EBTA Conference

Workshops - training courses for professionals working with children - youth - young adults

I've created training courses for those who work with children, teenagers, young adults. Professionals who want to help their clients; their students to thrive. It's my main goal to have the attendees experiencing the Solution Focused Approach by creative and self activating assignments. It's mind opening for professionals and their students; clients. That's how new possibilities will be seen! It also works online. I've created an activating teaching-training-experiencing-mind opening 1 hour online workshop 'YOUR plan is the best!'.

Change Coaching - Kids & parents

I've started my private practice 'Bureau Uil' in 2005. I had conversations with children, parents and teachers about social and/ or emotional issues. Using the Solution Focused Approach made it not difficult for them and not for me to discover the best steps to start with right away towards the change they wished for.

My blogs are about my work as a teacher trying to create connectedness / relationship + autonomy + competence. Working in class was and is (now as a substitute) a huge privilege.