Sustainable employability without stress

Changes at work will always be there.

Sometimes those changes are too much for employees to deal with. Due to their private situation and/or personality it can be very stressful. Their focus at work disappears, sick leave and burn out are there to follow soon.

Employees who experience in their private lives a huge amount of stress due to divorce, chronic illness, moving or care giving, can become ill because of the stress that is pilling up. Where they first were able to 'keep everything under control', there will be too much stress when things at the workplace are changing.

Personnel with different skills (social / emotional / intellectual) can experience anxiety even when the changes seem to be small in their colleagues eyes.

Most times hassle in the workplace starts with changes at the workplace. The hassle can be: a negative atmosphere - increasing sick leave - too many mistakes and unfriendly customer service.

There are various possibilities to help you optimise the sustainable employability. Tailored to your business and the unique individuals being part of your workforce. Some examples:

A. Management: - Learning how to help your staff to tackle their challenges when change happens.

B. HR - Team leaders: Learning HOW to apply the tools of 'Tackle your challenge, simple!' for the work floor, all by themselves.

C. Staff: Every employee learns within 60 minutes online how he/she can tackle a challenge.

D. Individual: Every employee gets the opportunity to spend 'wise time' : 20 minutes conversation time with Ella, next to a 'Tackle Your Challenge' workshop.

Let's have a short and clear conversation about the best option for your situation. Happy to be of help!


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PS Team Building activities online are also very effective