Growing resolving skills

When your business, your organisation is growing it is hard to keep up with everything. You have to delegate and instruct, you have to train, coach, manage your expanding staff.

If you only had time ...

Let me help you. I'll teach ‘quick and easy’ tools that will enable your employees to help themselves tackle their challenges in their new roles, in the new expectations in this new growing company.

There are various possibilities to help you and your staff:

A: Management: Strategic Mind Consultancy - Learning how to tackle challenges in business

B: Employees / Team: Every co-worker learns within 60 minutes online how he/she can tackle a challenge. Instant effect through their (all by themselves) found answers. Independence guaranteed.

C: Time: Every employee gets 24/7 the opportunity to have personal time with Ella: 20 minutes 'strategic & wise' conversations

Let's have a short and clear conversation about the best tailored option for your situation. Happy to be of help!


text me: +31(0)6-16 424 060

schedule time with me, using the Q&A in the Calendly tool.

PS Team Building activities online are also very effective