Training course "Connectedness in communication works!"

Training course "Empowering communication - Youth"

Presenting "What if ... SF creative connectedness can open minds and touch hearts?" at the EBTA Conference, Florence, Italy

Plans and dreams: finishing my HELP! guideline for everyone who is involved with young anxious people, like teachers, youth workers, parents and friends.

What has been:


Presenting 'Inspirational SF Stories and Creativity'  at the Solution III Conference, The Hague, the Netherlands     

Presenting at the EBTA Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria

Teaching at a Montessori primary school as a substitute    


Publishing of the book "Starting over. Stories of new beginnings." by Eileen Doyon with a chapter of mine in it.

Publishing of the Dutch co-autored book "Putting trust in every child. Solution Focused stories (fiction and non-fiction) and activities for the classroom."

Training courses KOC-J Creating Energizing Communication

Training courses "Connecting communication works!" : Verbindend communiceren werkt! - Leerkrachten (s)bao - (v)so

Receiving accreditation for two training courses at the teachers register: Registerleraar

Publication Dutch e-Book: Oplossingsgericht Mentorschap

Workshops for teachers secondary schools: Connecting Communication Cracks the Code!

Presenting September 22nd my workshop in Bad Soden, Germany at the SF World conference

Two days per week being a substitute in primary schools (e.g. formal - non formal - international schools). While teaching I am observing the kids and myself: how effective is the "HELP! approach"?

November 2016: 

Presenting a workshop in Halifax, Canada at the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association 2016 Annual Conference

Session "About the strength of the small ones", Utrecht, The Netherlands at the annual conference: Jaarcongres Leve het Jonge Kind!

June 2016:

Presenting a workshop at the Solution Focused World Conference - Youth and families  Amsterdam

October 2015:

07 Oktober: Workshop "Mentoring is Mastering" Het Lerarencongres, 's-Hertogenbosch Onderwijscoöperatie -

Het Lerarencongres 2015  www.onderwijscooperatie.nl

February 2015:

Workshop "How a Solution Focused Mentor at school helps students to be at their best."

The 2015 Solution Focused Expo, Denver, Colorado USA