After having been a teacher for over 30 years I've decided to take a sabbatical for 18 months. During those months I've developed training courses, I've written and translated books and had mentoring - coaching and counselling sessions. Now I'm half a teacher and half 'everything else' :-) 

I share wise and creative tools to help children (young and "old") to overcome their social or emotional problems. I hope to inspire adults (re)discovering their potential and put their resources and skills into action by helping others and themselves to deal with problems. I train, coach and counsel live, online and by phone. 

I have worked in various schools in which I have seen the possibilities and the impossibilities to manage help for children who were in 'desperate' in some way. My experiences as a teacher and as a mom of two daughters (19 and 21 years oa) brought me to developing a kind of 'helping approach' for every person who is involved with children - youth. So I've developed the training course: 'Energizing Communication with Troubled Youth'. A section of the course is about the "HELP! approach" which is a special one day course for teachers.

My mission: Make at least 500.000 people aware of the difference they are able to make on every troubled child - teenager - adolescent. Make all of these people wise, uplifting, original communicators.

My vision: Feeling empowered, even for a short moment, shines a bright light on your possibilities and opportunities.

During the first years of my part time entrepreneurship I started my own private practice for counselling children with social and emotional problems. My practice is called "Bureau Uil". I love the solution focused approach very much and use in my sessions with children and their adults. It fits me like a glove; I cannot think of any other reason why I needed only a few sessions to empower the children and their parents and 'get them on their feet and move on in a happier and confident state as how they came in'. No matter what the problem was, no matter what age. My website show some feedback of the youngsters and of the parents of younger children I have met. The feedback is in Dutch ...

My enthusiasm for the solution focused approach has grown over the years I've attended (Master)courses, congresses and have presented workshops in the Netherlands and in the USA. Having meaningful contact with like minded people working in various areas like school, mental health, business and research keeps me updated and alert. There is still so much to learn from each other and so much ideas to share!

I am proud to be able to share my thoughts and vision at the Solution Focused World Conference in Amsterdam, June 2016 and at the SFBTA World Conference in Halifax, Canada, November 2016 and I will do the same at the SF World Conference in Bad Soden, Germany, September 2017.

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I am Dutch and live in the beautiful city of Gouda, The Netherlands

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I write in English and in Dutch.




My e-Book: Solution Focused Mentoring. 5 Steps to bring out the best in your Mentee and yourself.  



My e-Book: Oplossingsgericht mentorschap. 5 Stappen om het beste uit je mentee en jezelf te halen.

Translated in Dutch the wonderful book of Dr. Paoplo Terni "Meneer Beer wil lief gevonden worden." For children and their parents. (actually for everyone, I think!)

The Dutch special version for schools was published October 2017 at Uitgeverij SWP

 "Mr. Bear. Solution Focused stories and classroom activities." 

 Member of the Dutch Association of Solution Focused Professionals


I'm a certified 'teacher' trainer

KvK nummer: 08131710