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"This is a complete different approach of what I was used to! I've gained new insights all by myself and I'm not stuck in the problem anymore."  


For who: 

For those who keep on thinking in circles about their worries, their next plan, their challenges, their problems. For people who would like to be offered a 'new way of thinking' in a light-footed* way.


Via ZOOM meetings. You don't need an account. It's up to you whether you want to turn your video on or off. As long as you see me, it will work.


In 60 minuten time you'll work on 9 assignments (most of it is writing on a sheet of paper). I'll explain the assignments and will give you time to work them out. Meanwhile there will be no talking. Everyone is concentrating on his/her assignments. No one has to know what your problem is about.    


Because of these challenging times due to the Corona virus I'll ask you to pay €10. TICKET


Some feedback from the time the workshop was still a regular workshop: 'Your VOICE!, your PLAN': I enjoyed the variety of assignments very much. At the end of the workshop I looked at my problem with a different view. I went home very satisfied because you made us bring home some self made stuff to remind us about our activities and thinking. It was a very refreshing experience. I liked it very much that you gave us the time and space to be with ourselves while in the meantime you were there for us. It has given me tools to be in this very moment and by being in the moment you get insights about which first steps you can make so you will not be 'hanging in and staying with' your problem.  

I'm a member of the European Brief Therapy Association 

I'm a member of the Dutch Solution Focus Practitioners Association: VOPN  



* It is based on the evidence based Solution Focused Approach. Take a look at: SFBTA and EBTA