Learning with pleasure: attending a training course delivered by Ella de Jong


You are trained with enthusiasm, humor and with tailor made assignments. Ella de Jong explains the theory behind 'creating energizing communication'. The attitude and skills you need to master energizing communication will be brought to you fitting your context and your contribution. The atmosphere during the course will be 'curious making' and will enable you to discuss anything you feel important to bring on to the table. You accept the assignments given only when it feels okay for you. Respect, willingness to help each other and believing in your possibilities are the main ingredients of the gatherings.    


Creating energizing communication assures you of having genuine contact. The opportunity to help and present 'tailor made guidance' in a shorter amount of time than usual. This method of communicating makes you state: "I generate energy for the two of us!". Your troubled youngsters will recognise in you a mentor / coach / care taker who 'sees the best in him/her' and who gives them the hope and confidence needed to move towards their goals on their own.  

In short: 

At the end of the training you have learned about the solution focused approach and you have experienced it on a basic level. You understand the vision of 'creating energizing communication'. 

You acknowledge the wisdom and creativity required of those who want to create energiszng communication. You are able to help your troubled youngsters with an open mind and you are able to guide them towards their goal as flexible and tailored as can be. You are going home with a big picture of possibilities about creating energizing communication for various goals and for a variety of unique youngsters.

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Background information:

The fundament of 'creating energizing communication' is the solution focused approach. This approach has its staring point as a new therapy approach in Milwaukee at the Brief Therapy Family Center, USA, at the end of the last century. Inso Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer worked along side with their clients in a 'solution focused' way instead of the usual 'problem focused' way.

Nowadays the solution focused approach is utilised in various settings and has been an 'evidence based' method in lots of social care and mental health care settings.The settings where the solution focused approach is more and more common use are: business, mental care, research and education. Thinking about professions, one can think of: managers, headmasters, coaches (for children and adults), principals, mentors, nurses, doctors and salesmen. The solution focused approach has also been very efficient and successful with managing teams (with or without intervision and supervision). The founders of the solution focused approach meant it to be a respectful and future focused approach. It has proven to be a successful and lasting approach.

Working with troubled youth in an 'Energizing communication-way" means that you focus only on the frame of reference, the context of the youngster. Therefore the 'solutions' to achieve goals are always closely fitting the youngster. Therefor there will be no resistance and silence or frustration and irritation with one of you. 

Creating energizing communication gives special attention to various art expressions. You are free to use creative expression in order to empower your client, your student, your mentee. While the solution focused approach is based upon verbal conversation, the creative expression in 'creating energizing communication' is meant to focus on the non-verbal possibilities in communication. The youngster will feel and act. Everything is focused on building strength, on empowerment, on positive energy. From listening to "strengthening music", to acting in role play, to drawing, to doodling, to dancing, to sculpturing and everything in between can be utilised to generate energy. Even if it means "just talking about it".