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"This short eBook (35 pages) is well worth a read. I like books that provide a step by step structure for doing something with each step explaining why what is being advocated will work. This book also has a series of exercises to put the process into practice. The book is thought provoking. It uses the metaphor of making dinner when discussing mentoring. I didn't really like the metaphor as it is a bit simplistic but I got the points such as on page 10, the author says... 'When describing a lovely homemade dinner, one seldom tells you what is NOT to be found into that lovely dinner ...' This is to illustrate that negativity is often the starting point in mentoring when sessions focus on the Problem. This is probably unintended so identifying the issue is important. The book proceeds to outline how this can be rectified and certainly meets its aim as per the subtitle of the book ‘to bring out the best in your mentor and yourself’. The concept of scaling is very good! While this book is very good and thought provoking I am not sure I am ready to embrace all elements, particularly Step 2 – Context as discussed in chapter 2. ‘Besides wanting to know all about your Mentee’s goal, you also want to hear her talk about the rest of her life. At least some part of it. What is the context of her goal?’ I accept the value of this point. I also see why this step is so important in the 5 step process (after finishing the entire book). (......) "

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The mentor-mentee relationship is an important one. This book clearly defines the need for both parties to share their focus on both problem and solution to achieve a productive and rewarding journey in their mentor-ship program. Great read!


"I highly recommend the book Solution Focused Mentoring by Ellen Dejong. Written in an easy to read, cookbook like style, this book guides your Solution Focused interaction with your mentee in a really well organized and practical manner. It gives very easy to apply examples, such as how to ask questions in a Solution Focused way, how to keep the mentee's goal as a priority, and how to keep your mentor attitude Solution Focused.
This book works for me, just like my favorite cooking books, as a quick guide to refresh my memory between mentoring meetings. I can open it and find the "recipe" I need instead of having to browse through hundreds of pages in other Solution Focused therapy or mentoring books."


"There are so many solution-focused literature. At first I thought this book would be another one. I mean, I expected this book could be normal, repeating, and boring.

However, this book was quite different actually. The creative and humorous author compared solution focused mentoring to the procedure in cooking a delicious food, and described the procedure as briefly as possible.

If you choose this book, you could taste, hear, smell, touch, see how solution focused mentoring works."


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A great introduction and reminder about what makes a useful professional conversation. Light-hearted, witty and spot on in pointing out the difference that make for a difference. The core principles of the Solution Focussed approach in Mentoring are introduced in a tasty manner while preparing an unforgettable dinner for your guests. Who wouldn’t like to see the content on the faces of your loved ones, your mentees, colleagues and clients. Thank you Ella for this crafty snack on Solution Focussing, which serves the small and medium appetite!


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